Why Fresh Cut? Simple! Time=Money

From restaurants to grocery stores to home kitchens, fresh-cut produce has firmly planted itself as an uncompromising staple across America. According to a recent publication from Global Market Insights, the demand for processed fruits and vegetables is expected to expand 7.5% year over year until 2027.

Conversely, commodity (non-processed) demand is only expected to grow around 6% year over year. This is a dramatic shift historically as commodity demand routinely outpaced (13% year-over-year back in 2014) the growth seen in the processed fruits and vegetables demand (3.7% in 2014). What gives, and why the change?

We here at Lloyd’s Cuts see it plainly.


By choosing fresh-cut over traditional, unprocessed fruits and vegetables, businesses and individuals are reclaiming their time and money. Through a partnership with a fresh-cut processor such as Lloyd’s Cuts, customers no longer need to staff multiple individuals purely to process ingredients into a cookable form. Fresh-cut produce removes the knives out of the hands of back-of-house kitchen staff, dramatically reducing labor dollars and significantly mitigating employee injury risk.

Speaking of risk, most foodborne illnesses within the produce space originate from improper washing techniques of the raw product - a situation that can haunt even the most seasoned restaurateur/foodie.

lloyd cuts food processing

Because Lloyd’s Cuts is a Primus Certified processor, our customers can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the food put in front of the people they care about will be safe and fresh. Since we are the experts, we constantly invest in the newest processing/washing technology to drive down costs and offer precise cuts.

With Lloyd’s Cut’s expert team of fruit and vegetable processors, customers are delighted to have a consistent, clean, fresh product every time. “Our team really cares about the quality of their work and always has the customer in mind. If the product is not up to the standards of our customers, we won’t ship it,” said Favian Gomez, Floor Manager.

Why Choose Lloyd's Cuts for Pre-Cut Produce?

Lloyd’s Cuts is available through our sister company, GoFresh. GoFresh is Oklahoma and Arkansas’ leading produce distributor and offers the full Lloyd’s Cuts line in addition to many other products to service your business. For more information on how to get started, Contact us today or call us  and let us show you the difference fresh-cut produce can make!