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As the emphasis on healthy food choices continues to shift in schools, it is more important than ever for cafeterias to have access to healthy, convenient produce options. By partnering with Lloyd's Cuts, schools have the ability to receive fresh-cut fruits and vegetables that can be ordered for next day shipping. Not only does this encourage a longer shelf life, it can help cut down on waste or discarded product that has passed its expiration.

Lloyd's Cuts can provide the fresh produce you need to create nutritional and delicious meals for your school cafeteria. We take the time to source fresh, local fruits and vegetables to ensure each delivery is as fresh as you would expect. With several different pre-cut options, schools also have the ability to cut down on prep times while still delivering the best, fresh foods possible. If you are looking for fresh-cut vegetables or fruits for your school or cafeteria, Lloyd's Cuts can provide a level of freshness that isn't achievable from our competitors.


  • Minimizes Prep Work which Reduces Potential Injuries
  • Consistent Cuts, No Additional Cuts Required
  • More Efficient - Saves Valuable Cooler Space
  • 100% Usable Product - All Unusable Pieces are Repurposed
  • Lowers the risk of Cross-Contamination

All of the fresh-cut produce provided by Lloyd’s Cuts is processed in a state-of-the-art facility to not only ensure optimal freshness but also protect it from contamination. We achieve this by not only following strict food safety and food defense protocols but strive to enhance them through innovation. This includes decontamination rooms and proper wardrobe, gloves and cleaning procedures to ensure contaminants never make their way into processing rooms.

When you partner with Lloyd’s Cuts, you can be sure that you are making the right investment. Our dedication to providing schools with healthy food options and pre-cut produce can help simplify your food prep process and keep your students excited for the lunch bell each day. No matter what your needs may be Lloyd’s Cuts is sure to have the pre-cut produce you need to save time and money.

Why Choose Lloyd’s Cuts?

Since 1941 the employees at Lloyd’s sister company, GoFresh, have been servicing the Midwest with the highest quality fresh fruits and vegetables available in the world. The original founder, Lloyd Johnson, always believed that providing his customers with the finest quality product was the cornerstone of providing them the best ongoing value.

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If you are ready to get started, contact us today or call us at (833) 834-6644 to learn the options we currently have available.