Having access to fresh-cut fruits and vegetables is critical for any restaurant or business in the foodservice industry. While you could spend your time sourcing local ingredients at farmer's markets and then prepping them yourself, Lloyd's Cuts has simplified the process to provide our partners with fresh produce that is pre-cut to your specifications. This can not only limit the needed time to prep your menu each day, it can help enhance your product offerings and support your goals to provide the freshest food possible.

Each pre-cut produce order from Lloyd’s Cuts comes conveniently packaged and dated to promote accurate rotation of product and limit waste or spoilage to save you from overspending on produce you aren’t using in time. Furthermore, our packaged, pre-cut produce can be stacked to save valuable space in your storage areas. With a wide variety of vegetables and fruits available we can help simplify your food storage while still maintaining the high-quality standards your business has.

Cold Chain Management



As you likely know, consistency is key when trying to make an impression on your restaurant or foodservice patrons. Unfortunately, no two chefs will perform a vegetable cut the same. If you have multiple chefs in the kitchen or lose an employee, this consistency can be lost with each shift change. When you partner with Lloyd’s Cuts, you can be sure that you have consistently cut produce whenever you need it to complete an order.

Locating convenient produce options for your foodservice business shouldn't mean you have to sacrifice quality. Because we work with local produce farmers, we have the ability to provide a level of freshness that isn't available among other fruit and vegetable providers with the added convenience of being pre-cut. Let us help take care of your fresh-cut produce needs so you have the ability to focus on what really matters for the success of your foodservice business.


  • Minimizes Perp Work which Reduces Potential Injuries
  • Consistent Cuts, No Valuable Cooler Required
  • More Efficient - Saves Valuable Cooler Space
  • 100% Usable Product - All Unusable Pieces are Repurposed
  • Lowers the risk of Cross-Contamination

Why Choose Lloyd’s Cuts?

Since 1941 the employees at Lloyd’s sister company, GoFresh, have been servicing the Midwest with the highest quality fresh fruits and vegetables available in the world. The original founder, Lloyd Johnson, always believed that providing his customers with the finest quality product was the cornerstone of providing them the best ongoing value.

If you are ready to get started, contact us today or call us at (833) 834-6644 to learn the options we currently have available.