How Has Fresh-Cut Produce Changed the Industry?

Fresh-cut produce makes it easier for a restaurant or home cook to make a quick and healthy meal. Pre-cutting has become a staple in many commercial kitchens and households because it helps in removing the time and effort required to cut vegetables and fruits for use. Although a lot of growth was driven initially by bagged salads in this segment, nearly any type of produce can now be found as a value-added option in a local grocery store or through a fresh produce provider like Lloyd's Cuts.

Fresh fruits in plate with cutting board on wooden table

From restaurants to home kitchens, fresh-cut produce has become a staple for many Americans. As a more convenient way to prepare foods or reach for a healthier snack, fresh-cut produce moves more fruits and vegetables than ever before while simultaneously encouraging less waste at a retail or kitchen level. But what exactly is fresh-cut produce, and how has it changed the industry?

Fresh-cut produce, also known as pre-cut produce, is any raw produce that has been cleaned, cut, and packaged for ease of use or retail sale. Unlike the raw alternatives available, these types of produce are considered "processed" since they have been changed from their original form. These products often are lumped into a larger category of produce that has been deemed "value-added" – typically because they add greater value to the end-user in the form of convenience.

Lloyd's Cuts specializes in custom-cut and on-demand fresh-cut fruits and vegetables. In many cases, any of the produce that we provide can be cubed, chopped, sliced, diced, or shredded to meet the customer's exact specifications. That means less time can be used preparing ingredients and, instead, kitchens can become more efficient and cut down on the amount of staffing needed to be successful. Even better, fresh-cut produce makes it possible without sacrificing quality!

Why Choose Lloyd's Cuts for Pre-Cut Produce?

Since 1941 the employees at Lloyd's sister company, GoFresh, have been servicing the Midwest with the highest quality fresh fruits and vegetables available in the world. The original founder, Lloyd Johnson, always believed that providing his customers with the finest quality product was the cornerstone of providing them the best ongoing value. Contact us today or call us  and let us show you the difference fresh-cut produce can make!