Food Safety Is Paramount to the Success of any Business That Serves Ready-to-Eat Food

It seems every few months, the FDA is announcing yet another recall to throw away that produce you just bought from the grocery store or off your delivery truck. How do I know if my food is safe, and who can I trust in the future?

food safety standard

Over the last two decades, regulators have increasingly been more effective at identifying failures in HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) processes due to increased scrutiny and testing. This increased scrutiny helps fortify our food system to become one of the best in the world (9th out of 113 countries), according to the 2021 Global Food Security Index. Still, regulators can’t catch everything. More often than not, their findings come after a surprise failure of a key critical control point by tracing back a string of foodborne illnesses to the offending source.

We at Lloyd’s Cuts take food safety extremely seriously, which is why we voluntarily pursued third-party certifications, in addition to our FDA/USDA regulatory expectations. We are proud to announce that Lloyd’s Cut’s scored a 99/100, an exemplary number in the industry, on our most recent PrimusGFS Audit. PrimusGFS is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognized audit Certification Program, with certification in 22 countries. Endorsed by more than 7,326 organizations, PrimusGFS provides total produce supply chain coverage.

“Achieving a 99/100 on our Primus audit was a major milestone for Lloyd’s Cuts,” said Rayelynne Valencia, Food Safety and Quality Assurance Manager. “We want all our customers to trust that the food prepared by our team at Lloyd’s Cuts is safe to eat, always.”

Lloyd’s Cuts puts food safety above all else, and we are extremely proud of that fact. We want every carrot stick, every pineapple cube, every sliced pepper that our customers consume to be clean and safe, along with being perfectly sized and packaged at the peak of quality. Reach out and let us show you how delicious clean, and safe, fresh-cut produce can be.

Why Choose Lloyd's Cuts for Pre-Cut Produce?

Lloyd’s Cuts is available through our sister company, GoFresh. GoFresh is Oklahoma and Arkansas’ leading produce distributor and offers the full Lloyd’s Cuts line in addition to many other products to service your business. For more information on how to get started, Contact us today or call us  and let us show you the difference fresh-cut produce can make!