About Us


By providing products that are cut fresh locally and have next day shipping, Lloyd’s Cuts is poised to provide the freshest products available in the Midwest. We specialize in custom-cut and on-demand fresh-cut fruits and vegetables that may be sliced, diced, chopped or cubed.


Built in 2017 our brand new, state of the art processing facility features the best of today’s food manufacturing technology and food safety procedures and food security. With the ability to manufacture for next day shipping, you will not find a more fresh product line in the Midwest. With our products cut fresh locally our Customers experience freshness and shelf life that is simply not achievable for our competitors. The difference in quality, taste, and appearance is easy to see. The Lloyd’s Cuts family invites you to taste and see our products and quality for yourself and experience difference that we can make for our Customers, together!

Since 1941 the employees at Lloyd’s sister company, GoFresh, have been servicing the Midwest with the highest quality fresh fruits and vegetables available in the world. The original founder, Lloyd Johnson, always believed that providing his Customers with the finest quality product was the cornerstone of providing them the best ongoing value. He would be proud that 4 generations later his great grandchildren have now translated that philosophy to include value-added, ready to serve products of the highest quality.


For questions about our services or immediate service please call us at 833-834-6644 or contact us below; we’d love to hear from you!